The Equisoft Trainer's Assistant

STANDARDBREDTN.JPG (4439 bytes)    A Windows application, not a program designed in DOS and then adapted to Windows, so that the full functionality of the Windows environment is at your fingertips.  Keep track of every aspect of your stable, from your horses' training schedule everyday on a weekly or monthly calendar format, to who you last purchased hay from and at what price per bale.   Schedule your training sessions, racing or event dates, blacksmith and veterinarian work.  Track each horse's history, race results, earnings, lameness and recovery time. 

Key Benefits

  • Enter and Invoice Information by Horse
  • Drop Down Lists of all Patients, Clients, Treatments and Medication for the Quickest Data Entry
  • Track Horse Histories at the Press of a Button
  • Able to Overwrite Set Charges with Extraordinary One Time Charge
  • Invoice Itemized List of all Veterinarian, Blacksmith, Supplies and Race Charges incurred every month.
  • Press "Print Bills" Button to Run Monthly Invoices
  • Cover Sheet for Each Owner (Total Charges, Account Activity, Amount Due, Interest, Etc.)
  • Followed by Itemized Charges Per Horse (Organized and Easy to Understand.)
  • Fits into Double Window Envelopes (No More Addressing or Labeling Necessary)
  • Reprint Previous Invoices at Any Time
  • Interest Charging Option per Owner
  • Track Account Activity & Accounts Receivable
  • Compatible with any version of Windows including Windows XP

Click Here to Download a Screencam Demo 

The demo will download to a folder you choose. Remember where that folder is. Find the file named Trainer Demo.exe and double-click that file. The demo will install in your desktop folder. An icon will appear on your Windows Desktop. Double-click that icon to view the demonstration program. You may delete the demo at any time by removing the icon from your desktop.



Description Price
Stable With Less than 12 Horses $600.00
Stable With More than 12 Horses but Fewer than 25 Horses $800.00
Large Stable Tracking Over 25 Horses $1200.00
Yearly Support Fee N/C

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